Orientation Tour / Look & See Trip

The orientation tour aims to introduce the expatriate and family to their new environment and to help pre-select preferred living areas.

Depending on your preferences, we can focus on the practical daily life issues, downtown or wider areas of the city, historical sights, must-see monuments, modern architecture… as you wish!

Temporary Accommodation / Home Search

Temporary accommodations might be required in the host country either during the home search period or the transit period of the expatriate’s household goods.

The home search includes accompanying the expatriate to home viewings to help find a new home. We also provide a tenancy agreement review and a formal check-in report.

Settling In

EASY-Debrecen helps the expatriate to settle in their new location by registering all utility services and providing advice and support with country-specific needs, e.g. driving license, bank account opening, local (Immigration office) registration.

School / Kindergarten Search

This program assists the expatriate and family to assess the suitability and availability of schools offering a specific national or international system or local private and public schools. We also assist with understanding entry requirements and the application and registration process.

Move Management

This service provides our clients with transparent supply chain management, with the benefit of reduced administration and cost savings in accordance with policy allowances, e.g. by saving hotel or storage costs.

Departure Service

Our program is designed to assist employees at the end of their assignment. We help with the handover of the accommodation and the cancelation of existing contracts, e.g utilities, mobile phones, internet…

Partner Support

We provide support to the partner, so your employee can fully focus on their new role. To ensure that the spouse/partner can continue, or remain up-to-date in their career, we provide training in job search strategies, social and professional networking as well as interview techniques.

Intercultural / Language Training

Different training / coaching types are possible based on the needs of the expatriate and family such as classroom, group or 1:1 tuition – we evaluate the best fit based on the needs, time-frame and available budget.

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