Immigration service

We ensure the assignment / employment is compliant with local immigration and labor laws. It is of paramount importance to respect national and international immigration regulations as the implications of contraventions can be serious. Possible penalties include detention and / or deportation of your employee as well as civil liabilities and prosecution against you as the employer. Our Immigration Specialists will support you, along with our extensive partner network in all global immigration regulatory matters.

Work Permit

After conducting a needs analysis we determine the required work permit visa type for your employee and start the process. Labor market testing and other required assessments will be coordinated by us so your employee receives the work and residence permit as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Consular Visa Application

Generally the consulate issues the visa in the home country based on the work permit approval. We help with obtaining the required documents as well as the visa application.

Local Registration

After entering the destination country we accompany your employee to the local authorities to complete the registration process.

Residence Permit

We monitor the process of the residence permit application and accompany your employee, where possible, e.g. in order to provide fingerprints or to collect the permit from the local police station.

Communication with authorities

We control this process for you in order to streamline the process and avoid lengthy processing times.

Arranging required translations, notarisation and legalisation of documentation

Thanks to our global network we are able to reduce administrative barriers and streamline the process enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities.

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